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“I've learned more in a month with Bunny Trades than I have in three years of trading on my own. Highly recommend!”

Sofia Dunne

Bunny Trades is a futures day trading educational group, that specializes in helping online traders make informed trading decisions with the BunnyHop strategy. We offer guidance and cutting-edge tools to help maximize their trading potential. Be one of the first to join our FREE community on Discord and start trading with us today!

  • Decode the market in real-time.

  • Anticipate price movements before it happens.

  • Never trade alone anymore.

There is an inherent risk in futures day trading, make sure had read and understand our Risk Disclosure Policy.

Are you being profitable yet?

Let's face it, trading can be a lonely and challenging experience. When you're sitting in front of your computer screen all day, it can feel like you're on an isolated island. And we all know that feeling when you make a bad trade.

You are trading alone, without the proper support and guidance. You know you have the potential to become a successful trader but you are currently missing the "spark" that could turn your trading around.

There is a better way. Trading with a group of like-minded individuals can be a game-changer.

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Daily Trades Reviews

Improve your self-awareness, accountability, risk management, and learning, ultimately leading to becoming more consistent and successful trading performance.

Discord Group

You will never trade alone! - this is our promise to you when you join our support Discord trading group. Enjoy our community support, insights, and learning opportunities, while also promoting accountability.

Personalized Support

Personalized email support can lead to shortening your learning curve by using the resources and support you'll need to succeed.

Our team provides education on market trends and analysis. We help you make informed trades based on data and experience.

Make Informed Trades

Our BunnyHop trading strategy provides you with accurate entries and exits while our experts share their insights on trading strategies and market trends.

Here's what our members are saying:

”Bunny Traders really care about their community. I absolutely love being a part of this amazing group of traders."

- Clarice Turner

”I would say, the Discord group has been the most beneficial to me. Helping me with the emotional side of trading. Results are beginning to show."

- Brian Moteni

”Every day, first thing, I make sure to review the prior day's review, being able to compare the group trades with my own it's priceless."

- Joyce Gould

”Trading with Bunny Trades has been a Godsend. The sense of community, their support, daily guidance, and market analysis it simply the best, AND all this is free, unbelievable!”

- Sharon Roddy

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"The team at Bunny Trades helped me increase my profits and stay on top of market trends."

-Mike Anderson